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Dear London trip students,

Here you are the group pictures taken during our trip to London. Maria Dolores and I wish you had enjoyed the homestaying at families, the guided tours and London attractions not only as a challenge for your English language improvement but also as a rewarding experience we hope you keep in your personal record for good.

All the best,

The Teachers.

National Gallery – 22 April
Trafalgar Square – 22 April
Whitehall. 007
Whitehall – 22 April
Whitehall phone boxes 032
Whitehall – Phone box – 22 April
Westminster Abbey 012
Westminster Abbey – 22 April
Big Ben.010
Big Ben – 22 April
Houses of parliament 2 031
Houses of Parliament – Waterloo Bridge – 22 April
Houses of Parliament 015
Houses of Parliament – 22 April
LondonEye 030
London Eye – 22 April
london eye 2 001
London Eye – 22 April
Buckingham Palace 036
Buckingham Palace – 22 April
Piccadilly Circus 039
Piccadilly Circus – 22 April
St George'sDAy 042
Saint George’s Day celebration, near the Tower – 23 April
Tower 057
Tower of London – 23 April
White Tower 050
The White Tower , at Tower of London – 23 April
Barracks tower 053
Waterloo Barracks – the Crown Jewels , at the Tower – 23 April
Beefeaters 055
Beefeater, at theTower – 23 April
Tower Bridge 049
Tower Bridge – 23 April
Cutty SArk 062
Cutty Sark at Greenwich Pier – 23 April
Royal observatory hill 2070
Royal Observatory hill in Greenwich with Canary Wharf at the back. 23 April
Prime meridian good one 064
Greenwich Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory – 23 April
Greenwich park 076
Greenwich Park – 23 April
Old royal college good one 086
Old Royal College – Greenwich – 23 April
British Music experience089
British Music Experience , at the 02 Arena – 23 April
02 arena 091
The 02 Arena – North Greenwich – 23 April
City of London 095
City of London, with St Paul’s at the back – 24 April
st Paul's 098
St Paul’s Cathedral – 24 April
British Museum 101
British Museum – 24 April
Parthenon 107
British Museum- 24 April
Parthenon 106
Parthenon sculptures at the British Museum
Musical entrance 2 112
We Will Rock You – musical – at Dominion Theatre, 24 April
Southwark bridge 115
Southwark Bridge, at the south bank of the River Thames – 25 April
The Globe  117
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – 25 April
Globe workshop 124
A Midsummer Night’s Dream workshop at The Globe Theatre- 25 April
Millenium Bridge 2 120
Millenium Bridge -25 April
Tate Modern 122
Tate Modern Museum – 25 April
Madame Tussauds exit 131
Coming back from Madame Tussaud’s at Baker Street – 25 April
tube 1 100
At the tube –Tube 2 134
At the tube –
Charing Cross 135
Charing Cross Station
Royal Pavilion 150
Royal Pavillion -Brighton -26 April
Brighton the Lanes 155
The Lanes – Brighton – 26 April
Brighton 1 153
Brighton 26 April
Brighton Pier 164
Brighton Pier – 26 April
Brighton Pier 2 173
Brighton Palace Pier – 26 April


informacion  viaje

Seguro del Viaje

Dear students,

I leave you here some complementary information and files related to the topic of London we are discussing in class.

To learn about the History of Britain, Architecture styles in Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and St Paul’s,   highlights in National Gallery and British Museum as well as some useful definitions to understand the importance of Prime Meridian in our visit to Greenwich,  you have these two files: one is a word document with a summary table and the other is a powerpoint with pictures related to everything we’ re going to see in London

If you want to know more information about any of the London attractions we are going to visit as well as Brighton trip,  here are these links:





GREENWICH: http://www.rmg.co.uk/








If you want to know more about the musical :We Will Rock You


To listen to the Queen’s songs on which the musical is based on and follow the lyrics I gave you printed in the book.

https:// /QUEEN/Death on two  legs.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/  We Are The Champions.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Hammer to 0fall.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Headlong.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/I Want It All.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/I want to break free.mp3

https://  QUEEN/Innuendo.mp3

https:// QUEEN/its a kind of magic.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/Lazing on a Sunday afternoon.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Love of my life.mp3

https:// QUEEN/One Vision.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Radio Ga Ga.mp3

https:// QUEEN/ Bicycle race.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Under pressure.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/We Wil Rock You.mp3

https:// QUEEN/Whowants to live forever.mp3

https:// /QUEEN/Bohemian rapsody.mp3

Pay special attention to “Bohemian Rapsody” lyrics because I would like you to sing the song in groups, as an exercise to do while visiting the British Music Museum.

Finally here you have two useful maps, the tube map and a London map.



Also Teacher María Dolores Asensi says:

Here you are some links to listen and learn a bit more about British pop-rock music. These are some lists from the magazine Rolling Stones where you can find some of the best albums and artists of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Maybe not all of those are my favourite but they are surely some of the best and most influential bands and singers. You can also watch some videos from YouTube and if you like any of them, you can find more about their music on the same link: “

Hope you enjoy this.
Best regards.  Mª Dolores & José Juan



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